About us of シリア支援団体『サダーカ』

About us

サダーカ設立The ongoing unrest in Syria that has been escalating since March 2011 has caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, and as many as 191,369 people have died according to the UN Human Rights Office(August 22, 2014).
In order to support Syrian people under this disastrous situation “Sadaqa” was established by volunteers mainly consisted of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers(JOCV) and students in Meiji Gakuin University, Japan, who had previously lived in or visited Syria. “Sadaqa” means “friendship” in Arabic; this name reflects our hope to maintain our connection with Syria and Syrian people having a special place in our hearts.

Support Policy (Revised on January 30, 2014.)

To achieve our missions, the following policies and actions have been set.

  • Our ultimate goal is to stop the vicious circle of killing in Syria from a humanitarian standpoint

Our Missions

1). Convey the voices of the Syrian people and how their daily lives are to the world, and encourage
a collective movement of people to put an end to the conflict in Syria.

2). Provide
assistance to the most unreachable and vulnerable Syrian asylum seekers in Amman. The assistance includes financial support, distribution of clothes and support for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

3). Coordinate and cooperate with
different stakeholders; engaged in refugee assistance and various activities to support Syria to take collective action to end the conflict in Syria

Activity Guideline (Following a), b) and c) correspond to above 1), 2) and 3).)

a) Advocate and form public opinion to put the conflict to an end.
Activity 1) Follow up on its pledge for peace in Syria and offer opinion to various quarters.
Activity 2) Organize events and symposiums in Japan.
Activity 3) Hold study meetings with NGOs in Japan.
Activity 4) Create videos to convey our message to the people in Japan and around the world.
Activity 5) Encourage exchange between the Syrian and Japanese youth, etc.

b) Provide assistance to the most unreachable Syrian asylum seekers residing in East Amman, etc.
Activity 1) Continue offering financial support to cover rent and distribution of required items to the relatively vulnerable Syrians in East Amman and so forth (families with the disabled, children and elderly, and families headed by a widowed woman),
Activity 2) Support projects in Jordan including livelihood improvement project for women.

c) Conduct researches and make intellectual contribution through offering information and advocating.
Activity 1) Conduct researches and create networks to improve the efficiency of support.
This activity is also related to Activity 1) and 2) of a).

Our Board


Director Masafumi Tamura
Deputy Director
Kazuyuki Kuwada, Midori Watanabe
Chief Secretary
Ken Morino
Adviser Secretary

Megumi Hirayama, Kazuko Ogami



[Steering Committee]
Kazuyuki Kuwada, Takuya Sasaki
Information gathering
Megumi Hirayama, Hiroshi Ogami
Takakiyo Koizumi, Yuki Tashiro

(Generalization) Ryohei Saito, (Kanto area) Yuko Yamada

Video production
Hidetaka Tanimura, Saori Fujii
Public Relations
Azusa Issiki, Keiko Inoue
Shuichi Ito




(Kindly note that we are not able to accept any visit without an appointment.)

Sadaqa-Association for Syria

c/o Ogami, 1-20-5-4-406 Utukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 225-0002 Japan